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In Illinois, Springfield health insurance is one of the top rated in the state for customer service and options available. If you are looking for health insurance and live in the Springfield area, quality health insurance is easy to find. A recent survey indicated some of the top health insurance companies in Springfield. Following is some important information about these companies as well as some information about national companies and state funded insurance.

Springfield Health Insurance is Available through the State

The first company recognized that provides quality insurance is Comprehensive Health Insurance which is a provider of Illinois CHIP. CHIP stands for Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. It is a state developed plan that helps low income individuals and families get an affordable health insurance plan. Comprehensive Health Insurance provides a few different CHIP plans to residents of Springfield.

The first plan available through CHIP is The Traditional Plan. This plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. This plan offers comprehensive coverage to individuals and families including doctor visits, prescription drug discounts, well-adult care, well-child care, diagnostic and preventive care, and hospital services. There may be a co-pay for these services but it is based on your eligibility and income levels.

The next plan offered through CHIP is the HIPAA Plan. This plan is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. In order to qualify you must have had previous coverage for at least 18 months with no more than a 90 day break in coverage. Also, you plan must have been through an organization or employment. Your previous plan must not have been terminated due to lack of payment or any type of insurance fraud.

If you meet these requirements, you can enroll. Once enrolled you must choose a preferred provider whom you will go through for all medical needs. The options for deductibles under this plan range from $500-$5,000. You choose the deductible based on your income, savings, and budget. Once you meet your deductible, the insurance plan will kick in and pay any other medical costs that arise.

The last plan offered by CHIP via Comprehensive Health Insurance is the Medicare plan. This plan is for individuals 65 and older who are on Medicare but need a plan to meet the gaps. Often Medicare does not cover 100% of medical needs especially prescriptions. So this supplemental plan fills in those gaps providing more coverage at a lower rate for those who qualify.

Springfield Health Insurance is Available Through Local Companies

The first local company providing insurance in the Springfield area is Memorial Health Systems. This is a Health Management Organization (HMO). In other words, the company manages your healthcare as a means of limiting wasteful spending, and increasing options and quality of care. Through a Memorial Health System plan, you have access to behavioral health options, a regional burn center, a regional cancer center, emergency care, maternity care, and specialized care for kidney disease, heart disease, orthopedic needs and physical therapy.

Another local Springfield company is American Family Insurance of Springfield. This company specializes in family plans, though individual plans are available. American Family offers four types of plans. The first plan is the High Deductible Health Plan. As its names states, this plan allows members to pay a high deductible in exchange for a low monthly premium resulting in comprehensive coverage.

The next plan available through American Family is Major Medical. Major Medical has a high monthly premium and a lower deductible. It covers all major medical situations such as hospitalization, emergencies, doctor’s visits, and prescriptions. Another plan available is the Short Term Medical Plan. This is for individuals who need temporary insurance up to one year. The last plan is a Medicare Supplement plan available to those already receiving Medicare.

Springfield Health Insurance is Available through National Companies

All of the plans listed above are administered through a local insurance office. If you are looking for a national company, there are many companies that are licensed with the state of Illinois. The first way to find out what companies are licensed is to go to the Illinois Department of Insurance. This website will tell you whether or not a company is licensed to sell insurance in the state.

The purpose of going with a licensed company is to offer a layer of protection between you and the insurance company. A licensed company must meet certain requirements and if you are not satisfied with your coverage, you can file a complaint with the Department of Insurance. Researching a company’s license will also give you information about their financial stability and ability to pay claims in a timely fashion.

Deciding which Springfield health insurance plan is right for you is an important decision. Compare rates all at once with an online quote tool, call around to each different companies or browse multiple websites on line. Whether you decide to go with a state funded plan, a local company, or a national company finding quality affordable insurance in the Springfield area is possible.

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